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Submission of receipts

Data and privacy

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We will initially make the update available for iOS from March 30th, 2022. To ensure the smoothest possible update process, we are rolling out the update to our iOS users in stages. If you have enabled automatic updates, you do not need to take any further action, you will receive the update automatically. We are currently planning to complete the iOS update by the beginning of May and start the Android update afterwards. The entire update process should be completed by the end of May.
You can log in to the app with your known access data. For the security of your data, you must log in again once with your access data. You can then activate the alternative authentication via the following path in the app: Profile -> Settings -> Data & security -> Alternative authentication.
Why are my receipts submitted via the app no longer available?

Your receipts previously submitted via the app will no longer be available after the update due to extensive adjustments to the technical infrastructure. The adjustments are necessary in order to provide you with value-added services in the receipt overview. However, from now on you will have access to all payment advices via Hallesche4u and thus keep track of your submissions and reimbursements.

Important: Your drafts will also no longer be available after the update. If you still have documents saved in draft status, please submit them by March 29, 2022 at the latest.

Why do I also receive my payment advices by post?
We are aware that a purely digital provision of documents is more sustainable and corresponds to the wishes of many customers. We are currently creating the legal and organisational framework to switch to purely digital document delivery at the request of our customers.
Why is the eA/eP code scanner no longer available?
Unfortunately, the functionalities of the barcode scanner do not fit in with the long-term extensions planned for the invoice tab. A subsequent introduction is therefore not planned at present. Instead, you now have the option of adding existing documents to your receipt in the form of PDFs or images.

What are the advantages of the Hallesche4u app?

With Hallesche4u you have everything important concerning your health in your hand - and in view! 

  • No need to visit the post office: Medical bills, prescriptions, medical prescriptions and medical referrals can be sent to us quickly and easily with Hallesche4u.
  • Everything in a safe place: View your payment advices, contractual documents and tariff details and change your address and bank details.
  • Your direct contact to Hallesche: In the app, help and advice is always just a click away.

Further functions are already being planned - with Hallesche4u you won't miss any novelties.

Who can use the Hallesche4u app?
Hallesche4u is available to all insured persons of the Hallesche health Insurance for free. Excluded are contracts of short-term health insurance for trips abroad. All you need is an internet capable smartphone or tablet.
Is it planned to offer the app for Windows-Phone in the future?
Currently the app is only available for Android and iOS. A deployment for Windows is not planned at the moment.
What requirements does my smartphone/iPhone have to meet to download the Hallesche4u app?
For iOS devices, it must be at least an iPhone 6s with iOS 11 or higher installed. For Android devices, you need Android version 7 or higher.
Where can I find the information about which version of Hallesche4u I am currently using?
You will find the current version number via the following path in the app: Profile -> App information -> Software. In addition, the version number is displayed in the Google Play Store or Appstore as well as at the bottom of the screen when you log in
Can I as an insured person also receive my own access data?
Unfortunately, access data can currently only be provided for policyholders. However, all business transactions of the persons coinsured in the contract can also be handled via this access. It is also possible to log on to different devices with the same access data.
Translation of documents in Hallesche4u

You can select the language of the menu navigation to German or English.

You can change the setting under the following path:

Profil – Einstellungen – Sprache (Profile – Settings – Language)

With Hallesche4u you will also receive the documents displayed as PDF:
For example, payment notices (Submit - Payment advices) or contract documents (Policies - Private Krankenversicherung - Documents).

You can translate texts from these documents directly using translation functions of your cell phone. Enclosed you will find a guide of possible external translation options. Hallesche does not assume any liability or guarantee for the translation and functionality.

1 iOS - operating system (iPhone / iPad):

1.1 Translation with Apple's default translation function:
1. Open a document in the app and select the text to be translated.
2. Click on the arrow pointing to the right in the selection menu 
3. Select "Translate“
4. Select the desired language
5. Translate. The translated text can also be copied or read aloud…

On the iPhone/iPad, a language can be loaded directly onto the Iphone under the tile "Settings" - "Translate" - "Loaded languages". This means that a translation is also possible offline.

1.2 Translation with the translation function of DeepL:
The translation quality may be better here.
Prerequisite: Installation of the app "DeepL" from the App Store.

1. Open the document in the app and select the text to be translated.
2. Click on the arrow pointing to the right in the selection menu. 
3. Select "Share“.
4. Select "DeepL" among the documents displayed (if using for the first time, DeepL may need to be selected under "more").
5. The selected text opens in DeepL. If necessary, you can adjust the language in DeepL. The translated text can also be copied or read aloud.

Note: At DeepL you can choose a "Pro-Version" (not free of charge), where the data is not stored on the servers of DeepL and you can create your own glossary.

2 Android operating system (Smartphone / Tablet):

Since the standard version of the PDF viewer for Android does not include any options for subsequent use of the selected text other than copying, it is recommended that you install the "DeepL" app or a comparable translation app here. 

2.1 Translation with the translation function using the example of „DeepL“:
1. Open the document in the app and download it.
2. Select the text that you want to translate.
3. Select "Copy“.
4. Open the app "DeepL" and paste the text using the button.
5. The selected text will be translated in the field beneath.

Note: At DeepL you can choose a "Pro-Version" (not free of charge), where the data is not stored on the servers of DeepL and you can create your own glossary.

On which issues can I get advice by phone?
Our English customer care is at your disposal for questions regarding your insurance coverage.  

+49 (0)711/66 03-27 00 - Monday to Friday, von 8:30 - 17:00 o’clock

In German (Service Telefon): +49 (0)800/30 20 100 (toll-free) - Monday to Friday, 8:00 - 20:00     

For questions about your health, you can contact the health helpline. Here, medical experts advise you on issues such as sensible prophylactic measures, advantages and disadvantages of certain therapies, obtaining a non-binding second opinion, travel vaccinations and travel first-aid kit, support in case of care, and much more.     

Health helpline: +49 (0)711/6603-2000 - 24 hours a day 
Does Hallesche Krankenversicherung receive information from conversations with the health hotline?
No, the health telephone is an external service for our insured persons. The contents of the conversations are not forwarded to Hallesche.
Who can I contact in case of questions or (technical) problems?
Please write us a message under the menu item "Contact" or email to You can also contact our service hotline from Monday to Friday between 8:00 - 20:00. We will be happy to help you.

Submission of invoices
How does invoice submission work with the app?

You can submit your receipts in the "Invoices" tab. To do so, use the button " Record receipt now" in the lower area of the screen. You will now be directed to our receipt wizard. In the first step, select the contract and the insured person for whom you want to submit a receipt. You can also add further notes to the receipt in the free text field under "Personal comments". The data will not be transmitted to Hallesche, but will help you to find receipts more easily afterwards.

In the second step, you can add attachments to your receipt. To do this, click on the "plus" symbol and choose whether you want to upload the receipts as a photo from the gallery or as a PDF document, or take a photo of the receipts directly in the app using the photo function. Once you have added your attachments, you can check your receipt again in the third and final step. If everything is correct, you can complete the receipt submission. The receipt can now either be saved as a draft or submitted directly to Hallesche.

The app provides you with supporting information at each step of the receipt submission process. You can hide these sequences after viewing them for the first time.

Which receipts can I submit via Hallesche4u?
You can submit all receipts for reimbursement of medical expenses. For example, invoices, prescriptions and cost estimates.
Can I submit several receipts at the same time?
You can collect up to 50 document pages in one receipt. The only important thing is that the documents are assigned to the same contract and the same insured person.
Can I still submit my receipts by mail after a failed transfer?
If there are any problems with the transmission or the subsequent retrieval of the invoice data, the app will inform you accordingly. You can then either resubmit the documents or you can send the documents by mail to the Hallesche. In any case, please contact our customer support so that we can correct the error as soon as possible.
Can I collect receipts without submitting them or will the receipts be lost?
Don't worry, your collected receipts will not be lost. Receipts that you have not yet submitted can be found in the "Invoices" tab under "Drafts". There you can see at a glance the name of the receipt, the date it was created and the date of the last change. The drafts can be selected and changed or sent to Hallesche by clicking on "Submit all the receipts".
What happens if I additionally submit receipts by mail?
The invoices are checked and then receive a "double submission note".  In order to keep the administrative effort low, we ask you to personally mark the invoices submitted with the app for you and not to submit them additionally by mail.
Can I submit receipts from family members?
Yes, you can also submit receipts for persons who are co-insured in your contract about your access to Hallesche4u.
Can I get information about the processing status via the app?
You will receive a notification when your receipts have been successfully submitted. Further information is currently not available. However, we are working on integrating this function into Hallesche4u as soon as possible.
Will I still receive payment notifications?
Your invoice will be processed as usual in our service department and you will subsequently receive a payment advice digitally in Hallesche4u and by post. We are currently creating the legal and organisational framework conditions to switch to purely digital document dispatch at the customer's request.
Can I also use the app to submit correspondence or inquiries?
You can use the "Contact" function to send us inquiries about contracts, benefits and app functions directly in Hallesche4u.
I submitted my receipts with the app. Do I still have to send a completed form "Short message for invoices"?
No. When submitting via Hallesche4u this procedure is not necessary.
Can I additionally export submitted receipts to my smartphone/tablet and save them there?
No, an export function is not provided in the current version of Hallesche4u.
Can I synchronize my submissions on different devices?
Yes, if you have installed Hallesche4u on several devices, you can log in everywhere with your login data. The app automatically synchronizes all your data on multiple devices.
I have submitted invoices (want to submit invoices), how can I submit my account data?

You can easily send us your bank account details via the following path in the app: Profile -> Change bank details.

In addition, you can also send us your account details together with the invoice to be refunded using the photo function.

Privacy and data protection
May I use the app as an authorized representative for an insured person?
Yes, as an authorized representative you can use the app on behalf of the policyholder.
What happens if I lose my smartphone? Is my data still protected?

Your data is protected in the app by the necessary entry of your login data or by an alternative authentification. Nevertheless, we recommend that you change your password for Hallesche4u for security reasons. You can still use the app on another device after the loss, because your data will be synchronized.

You should also have your device locked according to the manufacturer's recommended procedure.

Where is my data stored?

Your contract data will be made available by the systems of Hallesche via a secure online transmission procedure.

Data storage takes place exclusively on servers of the ALH Group. All valid German and European data protection regulations are meticulously observed. Data processing takes place exclusively in a member state of the European Union or in another state that is a party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.

What do I have to do if I want to use multiple devices?
You can easily install Hallesche4u on several devices and log in with your access data. The app automatically synchronizes on multiple devices.
Is my data safe during transfer?
Yes! During the development of the app the currently valid security procedures were followed. We also regularly conduct external safety audits.
Will I be automatically logged out of Hallesche4u?
Yes, you will be logged out automatically after 15 minutes if you do not use the app. If you have activated the alternative authentication, you can use it to quickly and easily reactivate the app without having to enter your login data.
What personal data can I change in Hallesche4u?
In addition to your contact details, you can also change your bank details in Hallesche4u.

Registration, authentication, identification
What information do I need to register?
You need a customer ID and a password. You will find both in the letter in which we invite you to hallesche4u. If you have not received a letter, you can register yourself with your insurance number, first and last name and address. 
Why do I need an ID?
You need a customer ID to log into Hallesche4u securely. After logging in, you can enter your e-mail address as a customer ID and change the password.
Why are the activation data sent by post?
For security reasons you will receive the activation data by mail. Alternatively, you also have the option of using the online identification of our partner NECT and thus bypassing the activation data in a fully digitized way using the selfie identification process. All you have to do is identify yourself with your ID card.
I have a new mobile device and want to install the Hallesche4u app. How can I do this?
Simply download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or Appstore (iOS) and log in with your customer ID (or alias) and password.
The app hangs during registration or I do not receive a confirmation/activation. What is the reason?
This can have various technical causes. Please contact our customer support (
What happens if I have a new number and a new device?
You can use Hallesche4u on several devices. Simply download the app from the Appstore (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) and log in with your login data.
Where can I activate the alternative authentication?
You can then activate the alternative authentication via the following path in the app: Profile -> Settings -> Data & security -> Alternative authentication.
I cannot log in. Error message: "You do not have permission...".
There are currently problems with using internet browsers that are not widely available, such as cliqz, Opera touch or Firefox Klar. Please use Google Chrome or Safari as your default browser.

My health
When could it be appropriate to use a symptom checker?
Symptom checkers are approved medical products which are essentially designed to assist you in the initial medical assessment of your personal situation. Following the structured symptom query, you will not only receive an analysis of your personal symptom, but also information about the potential findings and suggestions for further action, e.g. through the integrated doctor search of the Health Foundation. Symptom checkers should never replace medical advice or a professional diagnosis.
What is the source of the information regarding the symptoms and findings?
Hallesche provides the symptom checker in cooperation with DOCYET GmbH. The Symptomchecker is an approved medical device according to MPG. DOCYET has established its own editorial team of medical professionals, e.g. nurses and doctors, who generate and continuously update the content of the information on symptoms and illnesses. The symptom check is based on the functionality of Infermedica, which is certified in accordance with the highest industrial standards.
What happens to the personal data I disclose during the symptom check?
No data is transferred to Hallesche. As part of the symptom check, DOCYET works with Infermedica, the Health Foundation and Deutsche Telekom AG. No data is transferred to analytics services, e.g. Google Analytics or social platforms, e.g. Facebook. You can view the full privacy policy of our partner DOCYET here.
How reliable is the information I receive through the Corona-Info chat?
Our partner DOCYET works together with the Robert Koch Institute and the BZgA here and updates the information in the application on demand.
How reliable is the corona suspicion test?
The software is an approved medical device, but cannot replace medical advice or diagnosis. The offer is primarily intended to support you in the initial assessment of your personal situation. 
What is the Hallesche Health Portal?
Current health topics, valuable tips and information, health lexicon, health tests, comprehensive service offers and much more can be found in the health portal of the Hallesche. Here you will receive professionally founded and quality-assured information on all aspects of health. You can also stay up to date with our regular newsletter.
What advantages does the video consultation offer?
With the video consultation you receive medical advice around the clock from the comfort of your own home. The doctors of our partner MD Medicus can also provide you with private prescriptions and send them to cooperating or desired pharmacies. The service is free of charge for persons with comprehensive health insurance and insured persons in the MEGA.Clinic, GIGA.Clinic and FEELfree tariffs, as well as by arrangement for selected companies.
Which technical requirements do I need to use the video consultation?
You need a computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Your device must be equipped with a camera, a microphone and a speaker. For use with a computer, laptop and Android mobile device, the browsers Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera are supported. For Mac systems the browser Safari version 11 or higher, for mobile devices from Apple (iPad) the latest operating system version iOS 11 is required.
How is data protection ensured during the video consultation?
The protection of your data has the highest priority. Hallesche does not receive any personal health data - the doctors of MD Medicus are subject to medical confidentiality. The collection, processing and use of personal data by MD Medicus takes place only for the purpose of making appointments and checking your insurance status. MD Medicus stores the data exclusively on its own servers. The calls are also made using highly encrypted connections. The calls are not stored.