Kranken - Service Videosprechstunde mit Ärzten

Hallesche video consultation

Get advice on your medical questions or clarify, for example, whether a doctor's visit is necessary on site.

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Your advantages

  • Convenient from home
    Get medical advice easily and from the comfort of your own home.
  • Time saving
    There is no walking or waiting time.
  • Diagnostic preparation and precise advice
    You and the doctor can see each other - for many medical issues, this allows for more precise advice.
  • No financial disadvantages
    The video consultation does not affect your premium reimbursement or deductible.
  • Prescription
    Providing private prescriptions and shipping to collaborating or desired pharmacies.

What is the Hallesche video consultation? 

For our video consultation, we work with our long-term partner MD Medicus, which also runs the health phone. If you have questions about medicine and health, you can make an appointment for virtual consultation hours and discuss your concerns with a doctor. This allows you and your video doctor to see each other. Using your computer, laptop or smartphone, you easily and securely establish a video connection via the internet and webcam to a doctor.


You will need:

  • A computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Your device must be equipped with a camera, microphone and speaker.
  • For use with a computer, laptop and Android mobile device the browsers Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Opera are supported. For Mac systems the browser Safari from version 11, for mobile devices from Apple (iPad) the latest operating system version iOS 14 is required. 

How the video consultation works:

  • Simply arrange your desired appointment via our online form. In it, you can also communicate your concerns. This ensures that you can speak with the right specialist.
  • Once we have reserved an appointment for your video call, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to start the Hallesche video consultation.
  • Technology check: Before your video consultation starts, we briefly check whether the image and sound are working and whether you have called up the link in the correct browser. 
  • As soon as your doctor has dialed in to you, a window opens. Accept the call and you will see the doctor on your screen. 
  • Discuss your questions at your leisure - the video consultation is not time-limited. 

The protection of your data has the highest priority. Hallesche does not receive any personal health data - MD Medicus doctors are subject to medical confidentiality. The collection, processing and use of personal data by MD Medicus is only for the purpose of making appointments and checking your status as an insured person. MD Medicus stores the data exclusively on its own servers. The calls are also made using highly encrypted connections. The calls are not stored.

You can use this service if personal contact with a doctor is not necessary. It may not be possible to conclusively clarify all questions through a video consultation. Our service cannot replace a visit to the doctor, especially in acute cases. By the way, the scope and content of the video consultation services have been agreed with the responsible German Medical Association.

Furthermore, the decision for a therapy is of course yours alone, even after a video consultation. The consultations do not establish any legal claims. Rights and obligations of the contracting parties arise exclusively from the respective insurance contract with the present General Information. 
In case of emergency, you should immediately contact your doctor or the emergency medical services on 112. 


Make your appointment now!

  • Available for you 24 hours a day!
  • Free of charge for fully insured persons and insured persons in the MEGA.Clinic, GIGA.Clinic, FEELfree, FEELfree:up, FEELcare and Vorsorge-Schecks (VG) tariffs, and by arrangement for selected companies.

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You will need your insurance number to make an appointment and start the video consultation. You will find this in your contract documents and in any letter you receive from us. As a corporate client, you identify yourself through your employer.