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International group health insurance for expats

Comprehensive insurance coverage for Expats

Your employees are assigned to work abroad as expatriates (expats)? 

Then there are many things you need to consider. We know that the organizational efforts in advance are time-consuming and the investments are high. Therefore, we would like to make things as simple as possible for you when it comes to health insurance. Our dedicated international plans provide excellent cover for your employees, within the framework of an advantageous group policy. 

Your advantages

  • Legally-compliant insurance solutions – worldwide!
  • Easy management of contracts via our online portals
  • No risk assessment or waiting periods, inclusion of pre-existing conditions 
  • Free choice of doctor or hospital with direct billing option (otherwise digital invoice submission) 
  • Insurance coverage for all employees working abroad on behalf of the policy holder as well as accompanying family members
  • Individual continued insurance after termination of the group insurance contract
  • Optional benefits: e.g., daily sickness allowance, employer-subsidized plans, ... 

Your employees are assigned to work in Germany as inpatriates? 
Here you can find information on our comprehensive insurance coverage for inpatriates.

Hi.World: Action!

Remote working from abroad?
Would you like your employees to perceive you as an even more flexible employer and offer them the opportunity to work from abroad? With our Hi.Traveller tariff, you can do just that. Your employees are comprehensively insured abroad – regardless of where they are working from. Simply contact us for an individual offer.

Our Hi.World tariff for expats


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Up to 365 days


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Comprehensive services for your employees

Hallesche offers a wide range of international services. Thereby, we pay great attention to providing the best possible care.

Are you looking for reliable insurance cover for your employees during their stay abroad?
We are happy to send you an offer tailored to your needs.

FAQ: The answers to your most important questions
What do you have to bear in mind when sending employees abroad?
In addition to a large number of sending countries with different requirements and constantly increasing health care costs, there also are complex legal regulations – including, among others, a legally regulated duty of care on the part of the employer for employees and their family members abroad (§17 Social Security Act (SGB) V). This means: employers must cover all medical expenses incurred abroad. This also applies to family members who accompany the employee abroad.
Who are the tariffs suitable for and who takes out the insurance?
The "Hi.World" international tariffs are aimed at companies whose employees are deployed abroad or come to Germany on business from a foreign branch office. Employers conclude the appropriate contract in the form of a group insurance contract. The company acts as policy holder and premium payer, while the employees and their dependents are persons insured.
Is there a minimum number of persons?
With us, group insurance contracts for the coverage of employees abroad can be concluded for as few as 10 persons. However, other individual solutions are possible, too. Please contact us, we are happy to advise you. For short-term business trips of up to 365 days ("Hi.Traveller" tariff), there is no minimum required number of persons.
What is the difference between expatriates and inpatriates?
Expatriates (expats) are persons who live or work in another country temporarily or for a longer period of time, yet without being naturalized. In this case, "Hi.Expat" would be the correct tariff. Inpatriates (Inpats) are persons who live or work in Germany temporarily or permanently, yet without naturalization. In this case, "Hi.Inpat" is the right tariff.